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Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem promotes and encourages the study of the history and culture of Jews in Germany and Central Europe in a variety of disciplines. Publications and activities of the institute involve both cultural and artistic creation of prominent Jews who were active in this region and the historical development of Jewish society as a whole – questions relating to the community and jewish religious life, to social, cultural, political and economic developments, gender issues and the relationship between the Jews with their non-jewish surroundings in this area and Jewish communities around the world.

The Institute works on several levels: Publishing of books written by leading scientists and young researchers as part of the Institute’s series ; Participation in the publication of books about the Institute’s research fields; encouragement  of research through a variety of seminars  – an international research workshop for senior researchers, a seminar for Israeli and European postdocs, seminars and other diverse study groups and scholarships for outstanding researchers starting out each year.

Throughout the year, the Institute holds cultural events for various kinds of academic audiences and the general public – conferences, lectures and evening discussions, “literary cabarets” and movies that accompany lectures and meetings with artists and scholars. Thus the Institute is a culture and a meeting place for students, researchers and culture lovers.

The institutes archive and library bundles a rich collection of rare books and documents dealing with the history and culture of German-speaking Jews. The archive and library is open to the public and serves researchers and interested people.